Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors

Product Details:

Roller conveyors are primarily used for material handling applications such as at loading docks, or in assembly lines, for baggage handling,among many others. The rollers are not driven and are used by hand for gravity, tilting, moving the product, or mounting horizontally.

What industries are roller conveyors used in?

Roller conveyors are mostly used in numerous industries, mainly in logistics and manufacturing. Roller conveyors are used in many industries with the examples listed below:
1. Food handling
2. Packaging
3. Logistics
4. Mail delivery services
5. Baggage handling
6. Steelmaking
Manufacturing and design

Product details:

1. Versatile conveyors.
2. Can be converted to profile with any number of horizontal lines.
3. Available in gravitational current options using powered material flow or height differential using electric motors. For easy storage, can be compacted up to one third of the length.