About our company

IRPL operate in the area of specialized automation engineering, providing bespoke automation solutions for advanced manufacturing industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, plastics, metal working, food and consumer goods. IRPL is capable of solving your automation requirements in combination with IRPL’s quality, reliability service and back up. We design and build bespoke automated systems tailored to meet our customers’ diversified requirements.

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With our reputation for Automation excellence and passion for movement. The Automation Project is a natural expression of our company Vision. As a result, we offer products at a level of quality that’s precisely what clients would expect, and deserve.

We will be ethical, open and honest in our dealings with
everyone connected with the business.

High Quality

We understand that long term success in business can only be achieved by providing high quality equipment, which fulfills the customer’s requirements.


Quality has always been of central importance to IRPL, with each employee committed to make their own personal contribution to the achievement of quality standards and customer satisfaction.