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Automation Products


Special Purpose Machine

WE are manufacturing Special Purpose Machines for pick & place operations. WE are also do Press operations automation Please contact us for these needs WE will give proper solution at Economical way.Untill Today WE have successfully help machines to copy there old imported machines for manufacturing same to same use with that quality of ease in Production reducing huge cost in importing machines for Indian operations. Now they rely on us for further expansion instead of importing machines. WE mfg. PL controlled Electromechanical SPMS With expertise in this field.  


Assembly Line

Complete Product Assembly Line, with a concoction of manual assembly stations, fully automatic machines, semi-automatic machines and End of line testing machines has been supplied by IRPL for different industrial products like HBV, EGR, Door Latch etc.A tailor made assembly machine can give you an advantage in production capacity, process control and other various crucial parameters, the quality control and FTA for the production will improve drastically and rejection due to manual interference can be brought down.Poke-Yoke and part presentation is an important part of line design with Inerrant, owing to ergonomics and intelligent man machine interface design, the skilled labor demand for production can be eliminated.Industry today has become very volatile and agile, we suit our solutions not only your present needs but also to your future needs, preparations like this will always keep you one step ahead in the game, machines are designed with smart change-over mechanisms. 


Vision Inspection for quality Control  

Inerrant are custom manufacturer of vision inspection systems, including automated, turnkey systems for assembly verification and inspection applications.
Inerrant automated vision inspection systems are designed to cater for a wide range of components and can be used for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotives, system integrators of automation and robotic applications. The systems have been developed to meet high speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection.
Part verification (orientation, function, dimension, finished part features)
Presence/Absence detection
Defect detection
Optical character recognition & verification (OCR/OCV)
Automated vision test & measurement
Color verification
Pattern matching
Barcode reading and traceability
Vision guided robot/robot guidance 


Manual Work Station

Smart Work Benches combine the manual operation with a process reliability, that is no less accurate than the process reliability of an automatic production. Inerrant offers a comprehensive assortment of finished standard solutions which assure that the manual workstation operates process reliable, economical and ergonomically. These proven kit-modules, which are combined into one system with a high processing reliability, allow the flexible operator change without any loss of quality.
Our work stations are typically designed with following concept studied very closely:
 Part presentation
 Power tools placement
 Hand reach and room to move.
 Pinch points
 Potential pressure points
 Assembly or loading height  


Jigs & Fixtures

The abilities of our in-house jig and tool design and manufacturing facilities enable simple jigs and more complex fixtures to be designed to suit the customers’ requirements. Laser cut, CNC Machining is commonly used as this allows complex shapes to be cut to match customer design information. Inerrant has a rich experience in fixture and jig design for various product ranges, it is this experience which allows us to produce flawless fixture for our or for other standard machines which you use. The examples of checking jigs and assembly fixtures varying from a large fixture for assembly and testing of turbojets or engine assembly for the automobile industry to a small cost effective checking jig to hold an electronic component during the manual assembly process.


Material Handling

Material handling equipment that helps move goods from one location to another, allow for quick, reliable and efficient transportation. Potential applications include material handling, packaging, automation, assembly, food processing, pharmaceutical/medical, automotive & many more. Depending on your application's requirement, Inerrant manufactures steel, aluminum and stainless steel conveyors, polymer chain conveyors, chain conveyors, free flow conveyor, belt conveyors ideal for unit or bulk handling by elevating or transporting horizontally in wet and dry environments.In today’s industrial environment material handling is a subject of great study, we build smart conveyor system with electro-mechanical technologies to make to most suited to your needs whether it comes to fully automatic lines on conveyor systems or part handling between workstations.